2021 Results

  • 10/10/2021 – 1st Burrumbuttock Pigeon Club Breeders Plate 420km. Gurnayville Hereman/Cleuster X Gurnayville Houban.
  • 3/10/2021 – 1st & 2nd Fed Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Fed 395km. 3 full sisters landed together. Sire is a Gurnayville Ron Williamson X Evans Vandenabeele.
  • 25/9/2021 – 1st Fed Toowoomba & District 5 Birder 680km. Sire Gurnayville Wickham.
  • 18/9/2021 – 22nd Fed QPF National 680km. Sire is a Gurnayville Soontjen that bred 2nd Fed QPF 2 weeks ago.
  • 4/9/21 – 2nd Fed QPF 600km . Sire is a Gurnayville Soontjen that flew the entire APC series winning 2 top 20 prizes.
  • 11/9/21 – 1st Fed Toowoomba & District Pigeon Fed 680km. Sire is a Gurnayville Wickham.
  • 28/8/21 – 26th Fed QPF 600km 1346 birds. Sire Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters
  • 28/8/21 – 30th Fed QPF 600km All Age Derby. Sire Gurnayvile Soontjen X Houban who was 46th in the very hard 2019 GC 50000
  • 10/7/21- 32nd Fed VHA 200km 84 Flyers 3682 birds Gurnayville Ron Williamson X Gurnayville Ron Williamson/ Evan’s Vandenabeele
  • 10/7/21- 8th Fed NRC 320km Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters X Ron Williamson/Houban
  • 10/7/21- 1st Fed QPF 250km 86 Flyers 2280 birds Dam bred from a pair of Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters.
  • 11/7/21- 4th Shoalhaven Pigeon Fed 154km Gurnayville Ron Williamson/Houban X Gurnay..
  • 24/7/21- 12th Fed QPF 315km 92 Flyers 2238 birds Gurnayville Houban X Gurnayville Evan’s Vandenabeele
  • 21/6/21 – 3rd Shoalhaven Pigeon Fed, 101km – Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Houban
  • 14/6/21 – 12th Fed NCF 240km .  Gurnayville Hereman/Cleuster  X Gurnayville Houban
  • 26/6/21 – 3rd Fed NCF 150km 1079 birds Gurnayville Hereman/Cleuster X Gurnayville Houban. Both results from the same bird
  • 31/5/21 – 15th Fed SCF 113km 2068 birds Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Houban. This same bird landed with Joe’s  SCF Fed winner on the 14/6/21 beaten by .3 of a second
  • 5/6/21 – 1st Club 1st Sec 10th Fed QPF 76 166km 1855 birds Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters X Gurnayville Rauw Sablon
  • 5/6/21 – A son of the above SCF bird when mated to another hen sold in the same race team was 20th Fed SCF 113km 2199 birds
  • 19/6/21 – 2nd Club 6th Fed QPF 165km 2078 birds Gurnayville Deweerdt X Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele.  The same bird on 4/7/21 was 38th Fed QPF 250km, 1582 birds

2020 Results

  • 3/10/20 – 24th Hills District Gold Ring Race 550km. Sire Gurnayville Houban X Gurnayville Houban.
  • 12/9/20 – 13th combine Woonana / Bulli 405km. Gurnayville Houban X Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon.
  • 30/08/20 – 5th CRPC 265km 551 birds. Gurnayville Gurnay X Gurnayville Hereman Cleusters
  • 22/08/20 – 17th Fed QPF Young Bird Derby. 450km 1,513 birds. Sire & Dam both Gurnayville Hunnisett Janssens.
  • 24/07/20 – 29th Fed SCF 240km 1519 birds. Gurnayville Deweerdt  X Gurnayville Soontjen.
  • 12/07/20 – 8th Adelaide Pigeon Club Race 2 310km Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon X Soontjen
  • 11/07/20 – 19th Fed SCF 240km 1,791 birds Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Houban. This is the same bird that was previously 6th Fed and 21st Fed
  • 11/07/20 – 4th Fed QPF 170km 1,910 birds Gurnayville Hereman / Cleusters X Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon
  • 4/07/20 – 5th Fed SCF 185km 1,869 birds Gurnayville Houban X Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon. This is the same bird was previously 9th Fed
  • 13/06/20 – 21st Fed SCF Young bird Series 113km 1776 birds Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Houban. This is the same bird that was previously 6th Fed
  • 8/06/20 – 9th Fed SCF Young Bird Series 113km 1449 birds Gurnayville Houban X Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon
  •  30/05/20 – 6th Fed SCF Young Bird Series 113km 1776 birds Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Houban

2019 Results

  • 8/09/19 – 3rd Combine CRPC 264km. Sire Gurnayville Rauw Sablon Dam Gurnayville Houban.
    Final GC 50000 Race 530km – I was pretty happy to have 8 out of 11 starters in the final race but it proved to be a very trying race. My first bird, Athena, finished in 46th place in the race and 29th overall in the Ace pigeon. Her Sire was a son of Dark Knight, Soontjen, when mated to a Gurnayville Houban hen. My only other bird home,as well on the second, day was a Houban X Ron Williamson.
  • 4/8/2019 R McLachlan 3rd St Mary’s Squeaker Sale 330km. Sire Gurnayville Rauw Sablon. Dam Gurnayville Hereman/Cleuster
  • 8/6/2019 3rd Club 210km
  • 14/7/2019 1st Club 460km
  • 3/8/2019 1st Club 690km The same bird achieved these 3 results in the Bunbury Pigeon Club Sire Gurnayville Ron Williamson. Dam Gurnayville Cooper Deweerdt.
    Gold Coast 50000 update – I sent 11 birds this years GC 50000 Race. One was lost early on, which Steve replaced with a spare, HERA, and then another lost tossing.
    Race 1- 10 sent which all arrived home with the last one 6 minutes behind the winner. My first bird was 101st APOLLO a son of my best Soontjen cock Dark Knight.
    Race 2- 10 sent will 9 home with the last being 25 minutes behind the winner. My first bird was 86th DEMENTER out of my best Houban cock mated to a Ron Williamson hen.
  • 7/7/19: 1st Fed SRPF 173km. Sire Gurnayville Wickham . Dam Gurnayville Hunnisett Janssen
  • 27/7/2019: W Eastcott 1st Club 3rd Fed CCF 4,149 birds 342km. Sire: Gurnayville Houban Dam: Gurnayville Ron Williamson

2018 Results

  •   1/9/2018: R Slack 13th Fed QPF All Age Derby 600km: Sire is a Gurnayville Huybregt.
  • 28/8/2018: Gold Coast 50000 Race 3 325km Result: Today Gurnayville Lofts sent 6 entries, with 5 home on the day. Once again Eowyn (Hereman/Cleusters X Ron Williamson/Houban) was my best performer, arriving with the leading bunch of 41 to finish in 36th place, just 24 seconds behind the winner. After 2 great performances in races 2 & 3 I’m hoping for a little luck in race 4.
  • 25/8/2018: B Vaughan 3rd club, 6th Fed VPO, 380km: Sire Gurnayville Houban, Dam Gurnayville Ron Williamson
  • 12/8/2018 GC 50000 update. After Race 2 I still have all of my original 7 entries. Eowyn (Hereman/Cleusters X Ron Williamson/Houban) was my best performer coming 25th just 1 minute behind the winner.
  • 11/8/2018: B Vaughan 2nd Club, 12th Fed VPO 312km Sire: Gurnayville Houban Dam: Gurnayville Ron Williamson
  • 4/8/2018: The 3rd Adelaide Pigeon Club Race was held yesterday, 4th August from Glendambo, 495km. I was happy to again get in the prize money with my first bird coming 19th.  My second bird was 71st and my third arrived on Sunday to take 197th position. The 19th placed bird is the son of Dark Knight, Frank Schredder Soontjen when mated to a Soontjen hen of the Alan Brown imported lines. This is the same bird that was placed 16th in the previous race.
  • 4/8/2018: Stukel & Groom 1st Club 1st Sec. 2nd Fed VHA 400km. 2,896 birds. Sire: Gurnayville Janssen Dam: Gurnayville Gurnay x Janssen
  • 28/7/2018: Stukel & Groom 1st Club 1st Sec. 27th Fed VHA 400km. Sire: Gurnayville Soontjen Dam: Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele. Same bird was clocked the previous week 270km 32nd Fed VHA
  • 28/7/2018: R Slack 18th Fed QPF 230km. Sire: Gurnayville Houban. Dam: Gurnayville Ron Williamson. Same bird as previous week.
  • 21/7/2018: R Slack 17th Fed QPF 230km. Sire: Gurnayville Houban. Dam: Gurnayville Ron Williamson.
  • 21/7/2018: B Vaughan 7th Fed VPO 263km. Sire: Gurnayville Janssen. Dam: Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele
  • 14/7/2018: The second Adelaide Pigeon Club race was held yesterday, 14th July, from Parachilna around 390km and once again I got my 4 on the day running 16th, 55th, 58th and 134th. I was very happy to get in the prize money with the 16th placed bird being a son of Dark Knight ,Frank Shreader Soontjen, when mated to a Soontjen hen of the Alan Brown imported lines. It’s great having all 4 birds still in the race with hopefully more good results to come. The breeding of the other 3 birds are Evans Vandenabeele X Huybregt , Ron Williamson X Hereman/Cleusters and Ron Williamson X Soontjen.
  • 23/6/2018: G Dersch 15th Fed SRPF 170km. Sire: Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele. Dam: Gurnayville Huybregt
  • 23/6/2018: Adelaide Pigeon Club 2018 – This year saw me enter 4 birds in the APC for the first time. Brian and his team run a great series with plenty of interest Australia wide. After plenty of road work the first race was held on the 23rd of June from HAWKER around 310km. I was happy to get my 4 back on the day running 51st, 62nd, 138th and 241st.

2017 Results

  • 17/06/2017 – J. Caruana- 15th Fed QPF 130km Sire Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele. Dam Gurnayville Rauw Sablon. This is the 3rd Fed position for this bird.
  • 27/08/2017 – GC 50000 1st Race 136km 10th Sire Blenhaven Houban. Dam Gurnayville Houban X Verbruggen. The dam also bred 16th in the final 2016 GC 50000 Race.

2016 Results

  • GOLD COAST 50,000 UPDATE: After entering 10 birds in the 2016 GC 50000 one loft race,  9 of these birds made it to the final race. I had 3 birds home on the day, 2 the following day and 1 more after that. With a lot of these races luck plays a part. My first bird to arrive with the winning birds was to be placed 16th overall. Very happy to have one in the first drop. She (Ryokan) is off one of my imported Williamson cocks when mated to a Houben X Verbruggen hen. Second bird home (Ra) was a Busschaert X Soontjen and my final day bird (Raina) was a Hereman/ Cleusters X Rauw Sablon. Sending 10 birds and getting 6 back from the final race is both a testament to Steves training and also the quality of my birds. I look forward to supporting this race again in 2017.
  • 14/10/16: Joe Caruana-25th Fed QPF 1052km Sire Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele Dam Gurnayville Rauw Sablon
    This is the same bird clocked 2 weeks before.
  • 1/10/16: Rob Slack- 5th QPF National 689km Sire Gurnayville Huybregt.
  • 1/10/16: Joe Caruana- 12th Fed QPF 675km Sire Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele Dam Gurnayville Rauw Sablon
  • 17/09/16: Rob Slack- 19th Fed QPF 605km Sire Gurnayville Huybregt
  • 4/09/16: Joe Caruana- 20th Fed QPF Breeders Plate 510km Gurnayville Huybregt.
  • 4/09/16: Rob Slack 11th- Fed QPF 523km Sire a Gurnayville Huybregt.
  • 3/09/16: D Fitzgerald- 16th Rosebud Breeders Plate 484km Sire Gurnayville Rauw Sablon Dam Gurnayville Wickham
  • 20/08/16: 2nd Club 3rd South Sec 7th Fed NRC 450k for Steve Powley. Sire and Dam both Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters. This is the same hen that was 8th Fed last week.
  • 13/8/2016: 1st Club, 1st South Sec., 8th Fed. NRC for Steve Powley. 450k. Sire and Dam both Gurnayville Hereman/Cleusters
  • 30/7/2016: 1st club 2nd Fed QPF 260km Rob Slack, Bird a mixture of Gurnayville Hunnisett Janssen and Gurnayville Huybrecht
  • 30/7/2016: 2nd Associate Flyer, 5th Open VPO 380km, flown by Barry Vaughan for me. Sire Blenhaven Houban, Dam Gurnayville Ron Williamson
  • 30/7/2016: 18th Fed GMPF 360km Neil Oke, Sire Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele, Dam Gurnayville Huybregt
  • GOLD COAST 50,000 UPDATE: In December 2015 I sent 10 birds to Gold Coast and after many tosses and the first race I still have 10 birds in the race
  • 17/7/2016: 2nd Club 2nd Section, 3rd Fed QPF, 600km, Rob Slack, Sire-Gurnayville Golden Janssen, Dam – Gurnayville Gurnay. This the same hen as listed below which was also 3rd Fed QPF 435km.
  • 2/7/2016: 1st Club 1st Section 3rd Fed QPF, 435km, Rob Slack, Sire -Gurnayville Golden Janssen, Dam – Gurnayville Gurnay
  • 18/6/2016: 3rd Fed QPF 360km Rob Slack. Dam – Gurnayville Huybregt.
  • 11/6/2016: 17th Fed NRC 280km Shane Smith. Sire – Gurnayville Busschaert, Dam – Gurnayville Evans Vandenabeele
  • 28/5/2016: 10th Fastest in QPF , 245km – Joe Caruana, Sire a Gurnayville De Weerdt, Dam a Gurnayville Wickham
  • 21/5/2016: 1st Club, 3rd Fastest in QPF – Rob Slack 180km. Dam a Gurnayville Hunniset Janssen
  • 14/5/2016: 1st Club, 11th Fastest in QPF – Dam a Gurnayville Lofts Hunnisett Janssen.

Great start to the new racing season by Rob Slack.

  • 7/5/2016: QPF 1st Fastest in QPF – Dam bred by Gurnayville Lofts

2015 Results

It’s great to be flying a team of Gurnayville bred birds in the VHA in partnership with the very well credentialled Jeff Stanley.

Congratulations to Rob Slack for the following results in QPF Fed position’s. All of these were positions were from 3 sisters with the Dam being purchased from Gurnayville Lofts:

  • 18/07/15  Rob Slack 5th Fed   QPF 300km
  • 25/07/15  Rob Slack 8th Fed   QPF 300km
  • 8/08/15    Rob Slack 14th Fed QPF 390km
  • 15/08/15   Rob Slack 10th Fed QPF 5 Bird Classic 450km

More results

  • 23/10/15   Stanley & Bouffler 3rd Club 23rd Fed VHA 880km Hunnisett Janssen X Busschaert
  • 18/10/15   Stanley & Bouffler 6th Club 42nd Fed VHA 680km Rauw Sablon X Evans Vandenabeele
  • 27/09/15  P De Luca 5th and 26th  Rosebud Breeders Plate 480km. 5th Gurnayville Hunnisett Janssen X Gurnay and 26th Gurnayville Evans   Vandenabeele X Busschaert.
  • 19/09/15   Stanley and Bouffler 6th Club 41st Fed VHA 10 Bird 600km Gurnayville Busschaert X Gurnay
  • 12/09/15   Stanley and Bouffler 5th Club 28th Fed VHA 600km Gurnayville Gurnay
  • 5/09/15     Rob Slack 7th Fed QPF 600km Gurnayville Wickham X Huybregt
  • 5/09/15     Stanley and Bouffler 5th Club 47th Fed VHA 600km Gurnayville Soontjen X Busschaert
  • 22/8/15     Stanley and Bouffler 6th Club 67th Fed 522km Gurnayville Busschaert
  • 29/8/15     Stanley and Bouffler 3rd Club 44th Fed 522km Gurnayville Wickham X Huybregt
  • 15/8/15      Phil Murphy 6th Fed SRPF 343km Gurnayville Busschaert X Evans Vandenabeele
  • 15/8/15      Stanley and Bouffler 59th Fed 522km Gurnayville Huybregt X Hunnisett Janssen
  • 8/08/15     Stanley and Bouffler 6th Club 39th Fed VHA Gurnayville Soontjen X Busschaert
  • 8/08/15     Stanley and Bouffler 6th Club 43rd Fed VHA YBD Gurnayville Busschaert X Gurnay
  • 2/08/15     Stanley and Bouffler 8th Club 55th Fed VHA 432km with a Gurnayville  Rauw Sablon X M and D Evans Vandenabeele
  • 25/7/15      Great result from Stanley and Bouffler first VHA Fed race Gurnayville Soontjen X Gurnayville Busschaert 1st Club 2nd Fed 430km, 4118 birds
  • 25/7/15      Shane Smith 9th Fed NRC 400 km with the Sire being bred by Gurnayville Lofts
  • 18/07/15    Stanley and Bouffler 4th Club 24th fastest in VHA 293km Gurnayville Rauw/Sablon X Gurnayville M&D Evans Vandenabeele
  • 4/7/2015   Edo Hercegovac 1st Frankston squeaker sale race 280km with a Gurnayville Hereman/Ceusters X Hunnisett Janssen
  • 4/7/2015   Stanley & Bouffler – 4th Club 14th Fastest in VHA 293km Gurnayville Houben. Also landing with this bird and on the same time was a Gurnayville Soontjen X Busschaert
  • 4/7/2015    N Oke – 17th Fed GMPF 280km Janssen X Gurnay

My thanks to those people who have taken the time to report on how their Gurnayville Lofts birds have performed, it is very much appreciated.

Some 2014 Results

  • Neil Oke GMPF – 1st Fed 505km 1332 birds. Bred for Neil in a Gurnayville Lofts Race team.
  • Shaun Elliot QPF – 1st Fed 443km . Sire is a Gurnayville Lofts Huybregt.
  • Rob Slack QPF – 5th Fed 552km . Sire is a Gurnayville Lofts Janssen.

The dam of the following bird 419 was bred by Gurnayville Lofts.

  • 419 achieved the following results – 2nd Club 142km and 5th Club 265km.
  • It then landed with 6th Fed 332km, 2nd Fed 443km, 3rd Fed 552km, 1st Fed 639km.
  • In it’s final race for the year it was clocked for 4th Fed 726km.

I really appreciate those that take the time to tell me of their results.