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2023 Race Teams

Gurnayville Lofts are again selling race teams for the coming breeding season. At $450 for a team of 10 birds, they are the best value Race Teams being sold in Australia given their performance. Please take a look at the Results page for the latest results from around Australia. These teams continue to be popular […]

June 2023 News

The last 12 months has seen Gurnayville Lofts focusing on bringing in some of the best pigeon genetics available. After buying a pair of Geerinckx birds from the Sydney PIPA sale I bought 3 more direct Geerinckx , 1 direct Vandenabeele and 1 direct Hereman/Cleusters from Ken Marshall’s Sydney sale. Since then I’ve bought 2 […]

Barcelona International One Loft Race

2022 see’s the final year of the initial BIOLR. Tony Byrne has done a great job of navigating race points due to Covid and EU rules. Unfortunately the birds are unable to complete their final race from Barcelona so they will instead be flying from Perpignan with the BICC in early August. The birds recently […]

Purchases from Ken Marshalls imported stock bird sale

After purchasing a pair of direct Geerinckx pigeons from the 2021 Sydney PIPA sale,  Kens sale last weekend gave me the opportunity to add to these birds by purchasing 3 imported Geerinckx pigeons, being Lot 23, Lot 24 and Lot 25. I was also able to purchase Lot 19, a very well bred, imported Vandenabeele […]

Gurnayville Lofts 2022 Update

2021 was another challenging year for all of us with Covid once again impacting on both our personal lives and pretty much stopping pigeon racing around Australia other than some one loft races making it to the end. For Gurnayville lofts it meant not be able to complete some orders for both race teams and […]

Purchased at PIPA Sydney Sale

I’m excited to announce a grandaughter of Gladiator, from the legendary Geerinckx family, arrived at Gurnayvl Lofts this week.  PIPA AUCTION – JULY 11,2021 SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Pg 22    

PIPA Sydney sale

The second week of August saw the long awaited sale of 40 elite pigeons direct from the best of Belgium via PIPA. New Australian sale records were set with very spirited bidding taking place over the week long auction. Gurnayville lofts were able to procure a pair of the Bart Geerinckx birds. These birds were […]

2021 Race Teams

Once again I am selling race teams this year. At $400 for a team of 10 given there performances they are the best value race teams being sold in Australia. Look through the race results from very limited racing again this year. Due to their performance I only have a few teams left as I’m […]

News from Barcelona – July 2021

The final Barcelona International one loft race for year 2 will be held on the 28th July weather permitting. I have one entry left in a field of 77 birds competing for 14000 Euro. The birds will be released from Weymouth a distance of 220 miles. Fingers crossed for a good result.

News June 2021

2021 sees the second year of the Barcelona One Loft Race. Training has been well underway with a series of training tosses from 20 miles x 2, followed by 50 miles x 2, 70 miles x 1. Next was 1 from 115miles and the last toss was from 150 miles from Eastbourne on the 16th June. […]