Update June 2020

One Loft Races – Once again I have sent a 4 bird team to support the Adelaide 10000 race series. As of yesterday 11/06 , after an 80km toss, I still have 3 of my 4 original entries left. Have a nest pair of RAUW/SABLON X SOONTJEN and for something different a GURNAY X HEREMAN/CLEUSTERS left in my team.

I have also entered 8 birds in an International One Loft Race and will have more information on this in the coming months.

Young Stock birds for sale – Once again I have a limited amount of young stock birds for sale. Over the coming weeks I will be posting the birds with their pedigrees on my purchase page. The Wickham’s especially tend to sell quickly so if interested please contact me.

Old Stock birds for sale – I also have limited amounts of older stock birds for sale. They are being replaced by younger stock I have bred this year. Anything listed has been bred from last year.

Race teams- As usual I will be selling teams of 10 race bird teams this coming year. I am keeping the price at $400 per team which I consider to be very well priced considering the results achieved each year. I sell out every year so if interested contact me as I only sell a limited amount. I prefer to use my rings as it’s a good way for me to keep tabs on the results around Australia.

Good luck to all flyers this year.

Kind regards