The second week of August saw the long awaited sale of 40 elite pigeons direct from the best of Belgium via PIPA. New Australian sale records were set with very spirited bidding taking place over the week long auction. Gurnayville lofts were able to procure a pair of the Bart Geerinckx birds. These birds were purchased to put through my existing Soontjen and Houban families. Barts father was actually a neighbour of Jos Soontjens and Barts super star Gladiator B 03 6460062 is 3/4 Soontjen.
The first bird is B 19 6250202 BBC a Grandson of Wittekop Gladiator , Sweety, New Freddy and Katoog.
The second bird is B 19 6250225 a granddaughter of the 2 base birds Gladiator and Wittekop Sylvester.
These are two class birds that I can’t wait to breed from and get their progeny flying in Australia.