Gurnayville Loft Families at Stud

Ron Williamson Ireland

I obtained birds direct from Ron at the start of 2014. He has an unbelievable record that includes 57 X 1st NIPA, 4 X 1st National and 9 times Northern Ireland Fancier of the year.

I believe Ron to be arguably the world’s best flyer and I am very excited to have these birds.

– A son of BREAKAWAY 1st Open NIPA 26,627 birds when mated to a daughter of MILLENNIUM SUPERSTAR.

– A daughter of PIED BOY 1st Open NIPA 19,942 birds when mated to the nest mate of LADY HELEN.

– A daughter of JILLS PRIDE 1st Open NIPA 8,313 birds. JILLS PRIDE dam of 1st Open NIPA 4,489 birds 2012.

– A son of WHITE BILL 1st Open NIPA 22,261 birds when mated to a daughter of MILLENNIUM SUPERSTAR.

– A son of JILLS PRIDE 1st Open NIPA 8,313 birds. JILLS PRIDE dam of 1st Open NIPA 4,489 birds 2012.

M & D Evans Vandenabeele

A recent addition to Gurnayville Lofts. I have been watching this family for many years and their performance has been second to none in the UK. Over the past 17 years birds containing these bloodlines have won a grand total of 105 X 1st Open National winners. It’s important to note that in 2014 there were 8 X 1st Open National winners reported from these bloodlines in the UK. Current fantastic performances. I consider this family and the Ron Williamson family to be the best available. I have crossed these birds and will be racing their progeny in the VHA in 2015.


In 1998 I contacted Allan Incledon from Oak Villa Lofts UK with the intent of purchasing some of his Marcellis bloodlines only to be informed that he was phasing these out to make way for the Huybregts. On Allan’s recommendation I decided to purchase the Huybregts instead. All the originals birds produced and their offspring continue to. They are basically a Janssen/De Klak based family. Rob Slack has flown these birds very well in the QPF. One hen known as the Wild Eyed Hen bred over 13 winners and a full brother to her was the Sire of a QPF Fed winner in 2014 for Shaun Elliott.

Hunnisett Janssen

I obtained birds direct from Alan Hunnisett in 1997. I had followed his birds in the UK over the years and saw the quality and performance in them. Alan was one of the first people to realise the potential of the Janssen family in the UK. Alan had continued to line breed to the MERCKX lines of Janssen and these were what I was after. In Australia they have won up to 540 miles and make an excellent bird to cross.


All my original birds came from Keith Wickham, Ross Wickham, Jack Alldritt and Keith Saggers. For those that have Keith Wickhams final sale catalogue I owned Lot 29, Lot 134 and Lot 144. I also had children of Lot 6 by Lot 33, Lot 8 by Lot 40, Lot 106 by Lot 83, Lot 44 by Lot 72, Lot 67 by Lot 101 as well as 2 sons and a daughter of GOLDEN GIRL. These birds continue to win today with Fed winners and Fed positions reported from Tasmania and Perth over the last 2 years. Make no mistake – I have the very best family of Wickhams in Australia today.


This family of birds was cultivated by Rob Wilson with much success over many years that started in the late 1950’s. In the early 90’s Rob imported more Gurnays from Michael Stalker and daughter in the U.K. Not the fastest birds but very reliable. I had a Gurnay cock fly the full Adelaide Pigeon Club program in 2014 and a Gurnay cross Busschaert hen was my best performed bird in the 2014 GC 50000 race. They are reliable hard day birds.


I also have a limited number of birds from the following families – Houben, Cooper Deweerdt, Hereman/Ceusters and Rauw Sablon.

I intend increasing the numbers in each of these families over the next few years.