The last 12 months has seen Gurnayville Lofts focusing on bringing in some of the best pigeon genetics available. After buying a pair of Geerinckx birds from the Sydney PIPA sale I bought 3 more direct Geerinckx , 1 direct Vandenabeele and 1 direct Hereman/Cleusters from Ken Marshall’s Sydney sale.
Since then I’ve bought 2 pair of the Red Alert Van Den Bulck’s along with 2 pair of Koopmans direct from the original early imports.
I also bought a lovely Hereman/Cleusters cock that’s a son of the Syndicate Cock when mated to his full sister.
I cross bred these birds initially to put in race teams, the Meadow One Loft race, the Blue Hills One Loft race and some Sydney Breeders plate races.
I then mated them up straight to produce stock birds for my own use so next year more will be used in race team orders.
With the introduction of these new birds I have decided to sell all my Cooper Deweerdts and some of my older stock birds which are now listed on my purchase page.
Once again I will be selling a limited numbers of race teams so if interested please contact me. 10 bird teams will be priced at $450 and 6 bird teams at $300 plus freight.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
I wish you all good luck with this year’s race season.