At Irish Region RPRA Awards 2015, Ron Williamson achieved the following awards:
– Section G Winner and Overall winner
– Best Old bird performance

Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation Trophy Winner 2015 Mr Ron Williamson achieved the following awards:
– Best average in all channel races including Nationals
– Best average old bird National & Classic races
– Best average in all races England & Wales
– Best average old bird and young bird Channel Nationals
– Best 2 bird average old bird National
– Best average all National & Classic races.
– Best average in all National races.
– NIPA old and young bird fancier of the year Section G
– NIPA Champion old bird overall

These awards are current world class performances from one of the worlds best flyers.

Gurnayville Lofts has direct birds, bred by Ron, currently breeding race teams. They will be re-paired straight in single pens after race team orders have been filled to provide young stock to Australian flyers in 2016.

If interested please contact me to secure your order.