Purchases from Ken Marshalls imported stock bird sale

After purchasing a pair of direct Geerinckx pigeons from the 2021 Sydney PIPA sale,  Kens sale last weekend gave me the opportunity to add to these birds by purchasing 3 imported Geerinckx pigeons, being Lot 23, Lot 24 and Lot 25.

I was also able to purchase Lot 19, a very well bred, imported Vandenabeele Cock to add to my existing Vandenabeele family.

My final purchase on the day was an exceptionally well bred Hereman/Cleuster Hen, Lot 28 to also add to my existing Hereman/Cleuster family.

Pedigrees can be seen at these links: Lot 19 BBWFC NL17 1757801   Lot 23 PENCIL C NL18 1569684    Lot 24 DCPH GB17P19907  Lot 25 BBWFH NL18 1569580     Lot 28 BBH GB20 30603

I’m thrilled with the quality of these birds and thankful Ken Marshall had the fore-sight to import such quality pigeons into Australia.